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How to enter G-codes in OM for Electronic prescribing

Solution There are three things that need to be done prior to billing G-code transactions in OM:

1. Go to Lookups > Services enter all the G-codes. Make sure that you check the box "Include on Claims" and leave the "Default Fee per unit" field as zero dollar.

2. Under Setup > System Options > Transactions tab check the box "When charge fee is $0.00... Create $0 insurance splits". It will also check the box for "allow CSU selection" for you.

3. Go to Lookups > Service Categories and on the left-hand side of the browse you will click on Add. In the "CODE" field enter PRNTZERO and in the "Description" field enter G-Codes. Click on Save. On the right-hand side while the PRNTZERO service category entry is highlighted click on ADD. Select the first G-code from the Service list and click on Save. If you have more than one G code then add each one. Once you are done, you will see all of them listed on the right-hand side. This will allow the codes to print on the claim form even if the fee is $0.
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